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“Each piece of wood has a life of its own, making it absolutely unique”

— Jeroen De Ruddere Jeroen profielfoto
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Wooden Base

Each lamp base is made out of carefully chosen French Oak. It’s shaped in a meticulous, handmade process, respecting the natural identity of the beam. Every design is an elaborate piece of craftsmanship demanding time and dedication: all natural cracks and knots in the wood are cleaned and polished, every piece of wood is sanded after turning. Wood has its own growth direction, meaning each creation requires a different approach, always shaping new results.

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My love for natural materials also translates into a passion for natural fibres and fabrics that I combine with my wooden lamp bases. I carefully choose my fabrics from trusted, exclusive partners who value quality, creation and design as much as I do. Once the prototype of my sculpture is on point, I choose the materials and colour combinations I would like to use. I put various samples together and combine different elements until I see a final design come to life in front of my eyes. Each collection has its own set of textures. The fabrics I choose are soft, full of character and beautiful while the lamp is turned on, as well off.

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