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It’s safe to say that a passion for wood and art runs in my family. My grandfather, ‘grandpa Jef’, had an impressive joinery where I spent a lot of time as a child. I grew up smelling wood chips, hearing the buzz of the woodcarver and seeing creations come to life in front of my little eyes. It’s in my grandfather’s workshop where my love for working with wood grew. A lot of my inspiration flows from the nostalgia for grandpa Jef’s old atelier.

Years ago, while driving past a sawmill in smalltown Belgium, a beautiful oak beam caught my eye. I didn’t hesitate and bought it. I took it home with me and transformed the beam into my very first creation. I put a lamp on it and installed it in my living room. My friends loved it and before I fully realised, I sold my first design!

This marked the beginning of my passionate exploration with creation and research of shapes, proportions and materials, translated into functional interior design objects. I particularly love working with wood because it has a life of its own. Wood lives and has lived, it tells its life through its shape and texture. It’s a true gift of nature, every piece is unique, especially once it’s worked, manipulated and dyed.

My creations are simple, timeless, minimalist, to the point and functional. Cuddly, but raw at the same time. I’m always on a curious, creative search, seeking to shape designs that enhance a space and the lives of the people who live in it.

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“I combine simplicity and functionality with timeless, minimalist and to the point design.”

— Jeroen De Ruddere Jeroen profielfoto